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Welcome to Living the RV Dream, a podcast all about the RV
lifestyle. We have been full time RV'ers for almost ten years,
and we have had many adventures across our beautiful
country. We have lots of great information for you here. Honk if
you see us on the road! We monitor CB Channel 13.
Full Time RV Living Podcast
Living the RV Dream commenced on 9/06/08 on WSRQ AM
1220 in Sarasota, FL. , and became a podcast in 2009. Most of
those shows are available on CD at the LTRVD Store tab. We
are now podcasting with mp3 files available on iTunes as well
as at
Living the RV Dream
We have recently started a Blog in which we post things
happening in both our lives. We will post as often as possible,
so take a look and join us! The link is:
Our Living the RV Dream Blog
Many of our listeners asked us for a book with things we talk about
on the podcast. In response, we wrote "So, You Want To Be An
RVer?" It is available on amazon.com as well as on
barnesandnobel.com. We also released it as a print book available
on amazon.com and titled "So, You Want To Be A Full-Time RVer?"
The text is identical. Check the link picture to the left. We have just
completed our second book "So, You Want to be a Workamper?" It
is also available on Amazon.
We also have a pamphlet called "How
to Survive an RV Show...and Make it a Great Experience."
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