Phreds Poop Sheets

Fred aka phred Tinseth, was Escapee member number 394, essentially an ancestor. He wrote articles on every aspect of RVing in the Escapees Magazine dating back to 1980.  He died in 2012, but much of the research and materiel he wrote are still intact in his “Poop Sheets.” To quote him, “Most standard RV equipment is unacceptable trash, there’s a better way. My magazine articles and Poop Sheets came about from making every mistake an RVer can make during 20 years of full-timing. I see no point in you doing the same thing (but bet you will anyway.) Retired Army “lite” Colonel and U of FL grad, I once lived on a boat and taught high-school math (briefly and miserably).” The following is a synopsis of the Phreds Poop Sheets that remain with links to each one.

Poop Sheets

1. The Source and Resources List = 130 KB, 18 printed pages (05/2004).Covers over 90% of the information and product source questions I get. The List has capsule descriptions of key topics that are expanded on if needed in poopsheets of their own. Don’t settle for RV store crap unless it really is good stuff.

2. Inverters = 65 KB, 11 printed pages (4/2002).How to interpret manufacturer hype, size an inverter and get what your really need. There’s no need to buy more than you need and it’s foolish to buy less and have to do it all over again.

3. Macerators and Other Sewer Stuff = 69 KB, 14 printed pages (8/2002).Things about macerators and sewage problems in general that nobody tells you.

4. Buying an RV = 40 KB, 7 printed pages (4/2002).With this poop sheet and RV Consumer Group the only person who can screw you, is you.

5. Batteries and Other Electrical Stuff = 106 KB, 21 printed pages (10/2002).You will control your own power company with this info and the books “Managing 12 Volts” and “RV Electrical Systems” along with other references listed. Covers 12VDC and some on 120VAC and generators not found elsewhere.

6. Water Treatment = 37 KB, 7 printed pages (11/2002).You may need a lot or just a little water treatment. Don’t get ripped off in buying equipment and don’t do anything stupid.

7. Electric Surge and High & Low Voltage = 28 KB, 8 printed pages (6/2002).Surges can wipe you out, but more often the real culprit is you or your fellow RVer.

8. Is Solar Electricity For You ? = 22 KB, 4 printed pages (4/2002).Basics for people who know nothing and those who don’t know they know nothing.

9. Composting Toilets = 21 KB, 5 printed pages (4/2002).These are not generally recommended for RVers but can work if you’re willing to do what’s necessary — they require elaborate care and “feeding” (pun intended).

10. Storing an RV = 16 KB, 3 printed pages (4/2002).There’s no point in you doing the same dumb stuff most people do.

11. Handling Moisture in RVs = 62 KB, 12 printed pages (4/2002).Rubber Roofs, venting and lots more than just fixing leaks.

12. Getting along — Mexico and Elsewhere = 25 KB, 5 printed pages (4/2002).Not the usual touristy crappola but things RV magazines don’t tell you.

13. Communications = 41 KB, 7 printed pages (4/2002).Cell phones, the internet, satellite TV — new things happening all the time.

14. Boondocking = 45 KB, 8 printed pages (4/2002).Not the usual RV magazine oatmeal, but a buncha’ important stuff.

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