Class C Motorhome

The Class C motor home, or mini motor home, is an RV built on a cut-away van or truck chassis, including the cab. Many Class C motor homes are roughly the size and shape of rental moving trucks. It differs from the Class A motor home in that the Class C chassis comes with the cab from the manufacturer. Another distinguishing feature of the Class C is the bed compartment over the cab. Although that sleeping bunk area in a Class C is typically used for sleeping, not everyone wants to have a bunk bed that they have to climb up in to. In response to this, some manufacturers have made it optional to turn this area into an entertainment system area or storage area. Other manufacturers are building very large Class C motor homes on a diesel powered stretched semi truck chassis. These units are every bit as large, luxurious, and expensive as Class A’s. These are known as Super C’s.

Class C motor homes come with both gasoline and diesel engines depending on manufacturer and model. The same pro’s and con’s apply here as in Class A motor homes. The typically lower cost of a Class C Motorhome makes it quite appealing to first time RV buyers, especially in the twenty-five to thirty-two foot models. Most Class C Motorhomes have sleeping arrangments for 6 to 8 people, more than a Class A unit. Generally, Class C motor homes cannot carry as much load as a Class A because they are usually built on a light truck chassis. They also have smaller fuel and holding tanks as well as very limited basement storage areas.

If you are considering a used Class C, be especially mindful of the area above the cab as it is a prime place for cracks and subsequent leaks to form. Check this area very closely before purchasing.

This is a Super C class Motor Home from Renegade

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