Campground Jobs

There are probably more workampers working at campground jobs than any other venue. The overwhelming number of help wanted postings are for campground work. In a lot of cases, one spouse, usually the wife, works at the desk/campstore taking reservations and answering the phone. The other works maintenance and grounds. There are many other possible campground jobs depending on the size of the campground. We’ll look at each of these. Bear in mind that at smaller campgrounds, one person may be asked to assume several tasks.


The person doing reservations will need to take phone, mail, and electronic reservations. Systems for this range from file cards in a card box, electronic spreadsheets, to computerized reservation systems. More and more campgrounds are using these computer based systems. Digirez, Campground Master and Campground Manager are 3 of the more popular systems, although the KOA properties use a proprietary system unique to KOA. You can download demo versions of some of these to get experience before actually using it on the job. This and maintenance are two of the most prevalent campground jobs available.

Front Desk

The front desk is where the camper gets his first impression of both staff and facilities. Manning this area will require good customer service and communications skills. You will be asked questions about local stores and restaurants, as well as directions to nearby attractions.  There will also be a cash register for taking camping fees and possibly camp store purchases. Often, computerized reservation systems will also have a point of sale (POS) module to control the register and maintain store inventory. This job is often combined with reservations in smaller campgrounds.

Camp Store

The Camp Store clerk rings up store purchases, helps customers with purchases, answers their questions, stocks shelves and rotates stock. This position is also combined with Front Desk and Reservations in small campgrounds. Many campgrounds with a digital reservation system will have a point of sale (POS) terminal as the cash register. You may also be tasked with periodically taking inventory.


The campground maintenance department is responsible for maintaining buildings and other infrastructure including fresh water and sewer systems as well as the park electrical system to include individual campsite pedestals. Plumbing, electrical, painting, and carpentry experience is a plus for obtaining a position in the maintenance department. There are campground jobs in maintenance during the off-season because that is when major projects and upgrades are completed.

Swimming Pool

If a park has a large pool complex, especially with lifeguards, there will usually be a separate department. New Federal laws concerning public swimming facilities are making it prudent for campgrounds to hire a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) to maintain safe and sanitary conditions at the pool. Smaller campgrounds usually have operation of the pool facility fall under the Maintenance Department. I have been hired for 2 workamping jobs because I hold a current CPO certification. This was among my most favorite campground jobs. This can be obtained by attending a 2 day class overseen by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.  here is a link to the training site


The grounds Department is responsible for keeping the grass cut regularly as well as trimming trees and shrubs. They will also be responsible for any flower beds and other plantings around the campground. If the campground is open during winter in snow prone areas, snow plowing is their responsibility. Experience using mowers, weed eaters, tree saws, edgers, etc. Small parks will usually have the Maintenance Department handle grounds as well.


Members of the Security Department are responsible for making sure campground rules and regulations are enforced. Large campgrounds with many campers will possibly have 3 shift 24 hour coverage. Sometimes security personnel check in new arrivals and man an entrance gate. The Security Department along with management will coordinate emergency situations such as threatening weather, lost children, and personal injuries.


Housekeeping personnel clean park facilities including bath houses, cabins, and other public buildings. They will also be responsible for laundering towels and bed linens for cabins. Cleanliness of park bathroom and shower facilities is a primary measure of quality for a campground. The bathrooms are where campers judge how clean a campground is. Our very first workamping job was cleaning a comfort station at a large campground. We enjoyed it.

Campground Jobs in Activities

The Activities Department puts the fun in spending time at a campground. These folks plan and set up children’s activities as well as those for adults. The Activities Director previews and books entertainment as well as caterers for meals. Activities folks decorate for dances, holiday dances and meals, as well as sell tickets for them. This can be a really fun job. Kathy and I worked Activities at a 55+ park one winter and we had a ball.


Campgrounds that sell lots and or timeshares will have one or more salesmen that attract new customers and close sales. These salesmen may require a real estate license in the state where the campground or resort is located.


All the above positions report to management for directions and resources. The park manager should have experience in personnel management as well as budgeting and fiscal planning. Managers take direction from the park owners. A successful manager will people and material resources to make a good camping experience for the customers. They are his real boss.

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