Volunteer Jobs

Many of the volunteer jobs for RVers are with Federal, State, and local government agencies. Check out http://www.volunteer.gov/gov/ . You can search for positions by state, zip code, and by the type of job you would like to do. Most of these jobs will not include an RV site. Type RV Site in the keyword box for those. Make sure you are in agreement with all the requirements of the position you want. Better to decline now than to make a commitment and drive a thousand miles only to find out you don’t like the job.

We know a few folks who love to do volunteer work at various fish hatcheries. Another volunteer job involves setting up a spotting telescope to help tourists to observe wildlife. We have met several volunteer docents at Pacific Coast lighthouses who come back year after year. Having an RV site perched atop a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Oregon might be part of the reason. How cool would it be to live and work at your favorite National Park like Yellowstone, or Glacier? Some of the National Parks even have paid positions.

The Escapees RV Club has two particularly outstanding volunteer job opportunities for Escapees members. One is Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees (CARE) that was mentioned previously. Volunteers here help operate the facility by cooking and cleaning up after meals, driving participants to doctor’s appointments and shopping, and being on-call during staff off hours. The other is Disaster Operations Volunteer Escapees (DOVE) which was also mentioned earlier. After provided training, DOVE volunteers participate in Red Cross disaster operations when and where they may occur.

Another type of volunteer job is with various charitable organizations. These might include:

RV Care-A-Vanners is a volunteer program for anyone who travels in a recreational vehicle, wants to build Habitat for Humanity houses, and have fun doing it. RV Care-A-Vanners welcomes people of all ages, from all walks of life who want to pick up a hammer and help change lives. http://www.habitat.org/rv

The Good Sam Club has many non-profit volunteer workamping possibilities with other likeminded RVers.

Church Volunteer Jobs

Numerous church denominations have volunteer job organizations that participate in building and maintaining churches and church properties. Some are:

USMAPS (Assembly of God Mission America Placement Service) USMAPS was formed to help meet the need for construction and renovation of churches, Assemblies of God colleges and universities, and other facilities. Another goal is to strengthen the arm of evangelism of U.S. Missions ministries by encouraging and facilitating non-construction RVers and church teams’ involvement with U.S. Missions evangelism outreaches. http://usmaps.ag.org

SOWER (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready) this ministry is primarily a physical labor ministry. While there is an occasional need for office-type work, on most projects the men are involved with the construction or remodeling of structures and associated utilities, repair of vehicles, or landscape installation using their skills in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, masonry, mechanics, etc. Women have helped with office work, tutoring, sewing, painting, kitchen work, cleaning, etc. There are opportunities for everyone of reasonably good health to contribute. http://www.sowerministry.org

NOMADS (Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service) provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations. NOMADS demonstrate God’s love through our work and by listening to the people with whom we work. They do new construction, remodeling, and repairs for churches, children’s homes, camps, colleges, outreach missions and disaster rebuilding. Team members do maintenance, cleaning, painting, electrical, drywall, sewing, and flooring. http://www.nomadsumc.org

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