Towable RVs

There are numerous choices in Towable RVs available to fit nearly any budget. Because they are towed and don’t have their own engine, the prices of some types of most towables are quite reasonable. Thisis one reason that they outnumber motorized rigs by a 2 to 1 margin. On the other hand, if you’re looking for luxury in a trailer, you can find that as well.

Types of towable RVs include the Travel Trailer which uses a rear or bumper pull hitch. Then there is the Fifth Wheel Trailer which is the largest and probably the easiest to maneuver. Both these trailers also come in a variant called the Toy Hauler which has a drop down ramp and a garage section in the rear to hold motorcycles, ATV’s and the like. Another bumper pull trailer is the Teardrop Trailer. It is small and has an aerodynamic shape. There is also the Trail Manor trailer that has a battery powered lift mechanism to raise the roof and top sidewall section. The Popup Trailer with its solid roof and fabric sidewalls is a popular choice for small families for weekend trips.

Do your homework on Towable RVs

Deciding which towable RV or camper is right for you will depend on how much towing capacity your current vehicle has. Unless you are going to purchase another vehicle to tow the new RV you are buying, your current vehicle must have the capacity to tow the weight of the unit you desire with all additional cargo you will load as well as the stopping power to bring it to a safe speed going down mountain grades. This needs to be your number one consideration. You may want a 5th wheel trailer, but unless you have a truck big enough to pull one or can invest in both the 5th wheel and a new truck, you’ll need to consider another type of trailer. Above all else, consult the technical data concerning towing from your vehicle manufacturer. Please do not believe a salesman when he looks at your truck and says, “Sure, your truck can pull this baby”. Do your homework!

There are numerous web sites with weight calculators available. Probably the best and most complete is Fifth Wheel Safe Towing at:

This comprehensive site includes specification sheets for all domestically available pickup trucks. There are calculators to determine the suitability of a particular truck and trailer. This site is for all trailer types.

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