RV Tips

Everyone considering using an RV will want RV tips from those who have gone before; and who have made mistakes the newcomers do not want to make. We have picked some of the best from our experience and others who are willing to share them here.

Tips for Buying an RV

Buying an RV is not at all like buying a car. You are buying into a lifestyle, and you need to know some facts about RV dealers, depreciation, and other things to make you a knowledgeable RV shopper.

RV Inspection

RV inspection is becoming essential with the rising cost of RVs of every type. Here is good information on getting an RV Inspection.

RV Insurance

RVs using our roads and highways must have RV Insurance. Here is information on getting insurance on your RV and special considerations for full-time use. Extended warranties and RVer medical insurance is also covered.

RV Trip Planning

We put a lot of time doing detailed RV trip planning before we leave for a new destination. We want to know what roads we will be on, how far we will travel, and of course what our budget will be.

Finding RV Campsites

Finding RV campsites is probably among the easier parts of this lifestyle. “How do I find a campsite for my RV?” We get this question all the time.
We discuss Privately Owned Campgrounds and Resorts, Membership Campgrounds, Boondocking and Camping on Public Lands, and Electronic Means to finding RV Campsites.

Evaluating a Campsite

It is quite important to evaluate a potential campsite before you park your rig on it. Some sites are so unlevel that it will be impossible to get that way. Location is everything. You do not want to park next to the dumpster or the bath house, do you? Is that site actually long enough for your rig? This and many other questions must be asked quickly to determine where the bast available campsite is.

Phred’s Poop Sheets

Fred Tinseth, aka “Phred” died in 2010.Phred’s “Poop Sheets” are no longer available online because the domain expired after his death and was not renewed. Many people apparently had the foresight to download and retain this material which was both permitted and encouraged. About 90% of it has been recovered. Even though some of the material may be a bit outdated, (the last updates were made between 2002 and 2004,) “Phred’s” collection of basic RV wisdom is still a tremendously useful resource.

Check Lists

There are many things to do while getting ready for an RV trip or coming home from a trip or any number of TV tasks where the steps of the task must be done in order. Enter the Check List. We include many for lots of tasks. The following checklists are derived from other websites and from people and companies we trust. We do not claim authorship of any of these checklists. Here’s the link.

RV Shows

RV shows can be a great source of excellent information if you know how to maximize your time. You will find lots of tips here about what to do before, during, and after a show. There is also a link to a list of upcoming RV shows.

Lessons Learned

We have been out here since 2005 and we have had occasion for many “Lessons Learned” These are the Ah Ha moments that we remember not to do again. We will be adding to this page as we get more ideas from others.

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