RV People

I define RV People as those who contribute to our enjoyment of this awesome lifestyle by writing educational blogs and books, by teaching seminars that help us enjoy this lifestyle more, and by selling products that help us to enjoy the lifestyle. The RV People I describe in these paragraphs are folks we know and are friends with. We have learned from these folks, and we respect them very much. They are the people we consider experts. At one time or another, we have interviewed them all on our Living the RV Dream podcast. Check them out and see what they have to offer you.

Steve and Kathy Jo Anderson – Workamper News

Steve and Kathy Jo Anderson are the owners of the Workamper News. This is a bi-monthly magazine filled with workamping job opportunities and articles to help aspiring workampers. We are proud to be a part of their Concierge program where we can offer new subscribers we recruit an extra issue of the magazine and/or an extra 2 months of emailed job listings just for using our code in the “referred to” box on the application. That code is “HUGG4019”

Look up their membership opportunities at: http://www.workamper.com/membertype/

Greg Gerber – RV Daily Report

Greg Gerber is the editor and owner of the RV Daily Report. This is a daily compendium of news all about the RV Industry as well as campground news and other items of interest to RVers. Greg also produces occasional audio podcasts interviewing folks in the RV industry. We have met him on several occasions and we consider him a friend.


Gary Bunzer – The RV Doctor

Gary Bunzer is a Master Certified RV Technician who presents some of the best and most informative RV seminars in the industry. We met and interviewed Gary at the Hershey RV show in 2013, and I respect him as a subject matter expert on almost all aspects of RV maintenance as well as a complete gentleman. I believe that’s why he is called “The RV Doctor.” He has a very informative website at: www.rvdoctor.com

Walter Cannon – RVSEF

Walter Cannon is the president of the RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) As stated in their website “RVSEF is decidedly and purposely, a “safety advocate” and a champion for all involved in the RV lifestyle. Their efforts and dedication have improved the products created by RV builders as more manufacturers became aware of weight limitations and most now design their coaches with weight distribution and cargo carrying capacities in mind.” We have met Walter at several RV shows and rallys and he is a wealth of information. We last interviewed him at the 2013 Hershey RV Show.

Check out the website at: www.rvsafety.com

Curtis Coleman – RVillage

Curtis Coleman is a cofounder and driving force behind RVillage, a new social network for RVers and campground owners and managers. We met, interviewed, and became friends with Curtis in Elkhart, IN in 2014 and now we are ambassadors for the RVillage program.

Jim and Chris Guld – Geeks on Tour

Jim and Chris Guld, aka the Geeks on Tour have been friends for at least five years and I’m afraid I can’t remember where we first met them. These folks present seminars all about the computer based programs that are so helpful to most of us out here on the road. Chris has a background as a software instructor and Jim in hardware and networks. They may conduct as many as eight or nine seminars in one rally! Subject programs like Windows, Picassa, Blogger and others are very popular. Now they have added cell phones and tablete to their repertoire.

Check them out at: www.geeksontour.tv

They also have a wonderful blog at: www.geeksontour.blogspot.com

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard – Technomadia

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are Technology Enabled Nomads whose business is Technomadia. They are application designers and software developers who operate from their converted GM bus. We finally met them in person this spring in Elkhart, IN where we interviewed them for our podcast.  Their research has produced The Mobile Internet Handbook which seems to be the definitive work on this often confusing and difficult subject. Check them out at:


Phil and Tracy May – Techno RV

We first met Phil and Tracy at the Tamp, FL Supershow at their booth. Since then we have met up at shows and rallys across the country. They got us into induction cooking. We haven’t used our gas cooktop since. Phil and Tracy recently(2015), sold the business and we will soon meet the new owners. These folks sell many of the Hi Tech gadgets so many of us out here need like electrical management systems, tire pressure monitors, LED lamps and many other must have things. Check out their blog at:


Mac McCoy – Mac the Fire Guy

We met Mac McCoy, or Mac the Fire Guy at an Escapees Escapade in 2006. What a presentation! We were amazed at how little we knew about fire safety. He was a great interview as well. Check out his website at:


Nick and Terry Russell – The Gypsy Journal

We have been friends with Nick and Terry for some years now, but never so much as when Nick persuaded us we had enough talent to write a book. We have been to their now suspended rallys as well as hearing Nick’s seminars at other places. I’ve read almost all of his books. If you have a question about this lifestyle, this is the go-to guy. And now, Terry comes out with an absolutely killer cookbook! Check out Nick’s entertaining daily blog at:


Chuck Woodbury – RV Travel Newsletter, RV Bookstore

We have been suscribers to Chuck’s RV Travel Newsletter for 7 years now, and I get a lot of good information from it. I first became aware of him from the RV Bookstore, where you can get probably every book written about RVing. We have now met him personally several times and we did an interview when we were at the Hershey show in 2013. Check out both at:

Charles and Chris Yust – C and C RV Insurance

We had run into Charles and Chris several times at rallys and RV shows but we never really got to know them until the winter of 2014 in Yuma, AZ. Our interview of them was among the largest downloads we have ever had. These folks know RV Insurance.

Check them out at: www.candcrvinsurance.com

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